Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Fragrance Review Part II - Crimson Peak

A house that breathes, that bleeds, and remembers.
A house like this, in time can become a living thing with timber for bones and windows for eyes.

My second purchase from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab arrived yesterday, and yet again they did not disappoint. The feature-titled scent from the Crimson Peak collection is sure to be a favorite on my shelf of fragrances.
Their description of the scent is thus; "Snow marbled with blood-red clay, frozen over the scent of decayed wood."
The first impression is almost a sharp 'rain' scent, but tinged with something smoother that reminds me of crisp cold air in a forest. Almost a leafy green note but softer, much like snowfall on evergreens.
As it warms to my skin, the spicy warmth of amber with a metallic hint like wrought iron emerges. The combination is like red clay oozing from the ground, soaking and mixing into the snow-like notes. Over time, the warm wood scent comes forward, with barely a breath of cool florals.
Hours later it's all still there, continuing with a delicate floral, slightly warm, powdery finish.

When I wear it I keep sniffing my wrists, it's a beautiful fragrance.
Like the 'Sir Thomas Park' fragrance, I would gladly wear this daily. Layering the two would make a wonderfully heady scent for nights out on the town.
Of course, I plan on slowly adding more of these CP themed scents to my collection.

I also decided to splurge a little on one of the limited edition jewelry pieces inspired by Crimson Peak, and created by The Black Phoenix Trading Post. Each creation  is limited to 300 pieces, and I had a hard time choosing between the Sharpe family Coat of Arms and the Family Crest.
In the end I went with the truly unique Coat of Arms, with its not-so-hidden skull design.
When it arrives, I'll be sure to model it and share photos here.
I may still go back for the twin dragon Family Crest, the 'Fear' monogram, or one of the memento boxes. It depends on how my wallet is fairing after the holidays!

Thanks to a friend giving me an early Xmas gift, I also now own the absolutely stunning "Crimson Peak : Art of Darkness" hardcover book.
I plan on doing a quick review of that here as well.

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